Growing Up in Bridgeport in the `40s and `50s

Growing Up in Bridgeport in the `40s and `50s

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GROWING UP IN BRIDGEPORT IN THE 40S AND 50S is a collection of essays written by the author and published in The Bridgeport Leader over a two-year period, from 2002 to 2004. Drawn from the author's memory, these essays describe the sights and sounds, adventures, drama, humor and tragedies of the author's youth. With its informal and familiar tone, and its recurring references to local figures and locales, the author draws the reader into this world, making it more than just the memoirs of a single individual; instead the memoirs of a small Midwestern oil town.The other business was the used auto parts business. A junk yard bought older, broken down cars and both old and new cars which were wrecked beyond repair. The cars were then dismantled and the good parts offered for sale.

Title:Growing Up in Bridgeport in the `40s and `50s
Author:Arthur L. Dale
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-06


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