Gross Jobs

Gross Jobs

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They clean up messes, take out the trash, and make sure water is safe to drink. In short, they do many things that, given the choice, most people would probably rather not do themselves. They bravely tackle tasks that would make some people gag. They are the janitors, wastewater engineers, trash collectors, and other unsung heroes who do the dirty work that keeps the world clean and safe. Gross Jobs explains what these people do and why in the world they do it.The Super Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi, from Nintendo are the worlda#39;s most famous fictional plumbers. ... They also install, maintain, and repair many different types of piping systems. ... This means that not only do plumbers have to be good at using tools like wrenches, pumps, and pipe-cutters, but they also have to beanbsp;...

Title:Gross Jobs
Author:Diane Lindsey Reeves
Publisher:Infobase Publishing - 2009


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