GRE: What You Need to Know

GRE: What You Need to Know

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GRE: What You Need to Know What can you expect from the GRE revised General Test? In Kaplana€™s overview of the exam, youa€™ll get answers to questions on: Exam structure and scoring: How do schools interpret your scores? Do all of the questions on the test count towards your scores? We break down the testa€™s format, and tell you how schools use your scores and percentile rankings in evaluating your application. Adaptive testing: What exactly is an adaptive exam? The GRE is a Multi-Stage Test, which means that it adjusts the questionsa€™ difficulty to your skill level. We tell you how to strategically treat each section to maximize your scoring potential. Question types: Why is answer choice (D) never the correct answer to a Quantitative Comparison that has real numbers in both quantities? Whata€™s the best way to take apart reading comprehension passages? We walk you through each of the question types that youa€™ll face on the GRE, and present the most effective approach to each one. Study plans: Whata€™s the best way for you to increase your score by Test Day? Get advice from Kaplan experts on the basics of setting up a maximally-productive prep schedule. Kaplan will walk you through every aspect of the GRE, and help you make decisions that will enable you to become a strong graduate school applicant when the time is right.The Analyze an Argument essay tests your ability to analyze and evaluate arguments an articulate your evaluation. ... The decrease in hours of operation will help save money because we wona#39;t be paying for utilities, employee wages, or otheranbsp;...

Title:GRE: What You Need to Know
Publisher:Kaplan Publishing - 2012-10-22


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