Grayville?s Story

Grayville?s Story

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A boating accident in Missouri threatens to upend the life of Dean Story-- leading citizen of Grayville, Arkansas. He was supposed to be in Arkansas on business. When he is charged with negligent homicide for injuries to the young woman with him, his wife, Karla, discovers he has lied. Questions mount. Why was he in Missouri? Why was he with the woman? Why would he lie?Dean makes friends easily, but it seems friendship with him is risky. Those close to him keep losing their lives with alarming frequency. When charges are filed, they never stick--partly because his wealthy father artfully slides him through the justice system with payoffs.Dean is a bank president, regularly cited in the media for philanthropy and civic involvement. Could the deaths reported really be his fault? Is he who he says he is? Reporter, Kerri Watson, is suspicious that he leads a double life and dogs his trail. She's out to prove herself and to put him behind bars. As she presses to connect the dots, time is running out.... Continental, two-fifty, South on 34 to Bridge, Tag #OTZ 111, Missouri; Black 4x4 Dodge Dakota Pickup . . . . The informant wasna#39;t told what the information ... adjustments came with their orders on Tuesdays. Codes, not names, were used 102.

Title:Grayville?s Story
Author:Ron Austin
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-12


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