Graveyard Orbit

Graveyard Orbit

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Jack Chandler living on the fifth planet in the Altair Star System is driven by alien spirits. He sends four powerful and invisible energy crystals from that world, to Earth. The plan is to reenergize twelve dormant alien satellites in Earth's orbit. Four individuals, in their twenties, on Earth have a gift they can see a higher spectrum of light on the EM band. They can see the invisible crystals. They must place their ordinary lives on the sidelines and find the crystals at four different locations. With the passing of each hour the satellites are one step closer to coming online. If the satellites become active, an energy grid will form and encompass the planet. All animation on Earth will be suspended and beams will come down and pull all of the inhabitants from the surface. Brian Mathews, Jerome Shay, Lisa Tsung and Steve Ryder will have to be dauntless when they attempt to locate, and send the crystals back, through a wormhole. Their tasks will be difficult because Jack Chandler, with the use of hypnosis, secures the help of several big men on Earth. His puppets will be relentless as they try to stop the crystals from being returned and try to kill Earth's four saviors.From the perspective of the driver of a Subaru Outback, he was driving behind a Ford Escape with twenty-seven feet of distance from the Escape. ... The many crashes caused seven fatalities, and many badly injured drivers and passengers.

Title:Graveyard Orbit
Author:David Moore
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-11


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