Grammar Games for Teachers of Adult ESL

Grammar Games for Teachers of Adult ESL

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This book is designed to help students interact with and learn from each other through fun and engaging grammar activities and board games. Each chapter consists of game cards that focus on a specific grammar point or that can be combined from different chapters to create customized activities. Game cards can also be combined in a multitude of ways with the 7 board games in the back of the book. All board games come complete with game pieces, a paper die pattern, and 4-page photocopiable game boards that can be assembled with clear tape. Because the answers are included on every game card your students will be able to play the grammar activities and board games independently with minimal supervision.What is your name? Unscramble these sentences. 1. name is your What? 2. my are Where shoes? 3. this How is much? 4. I help Can you? ? | - IQUESTIONS: UNSCRAMBLE I - - IQUESTIUNS: unschmBLE I.

Title:Grammar Games for Teachers of Adult ESL
Author:Gisele White - 2012-12-01


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