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A”I canA•t think of a more qualified scholar to tackle the difficult subject of A’governpreneurshipA“ than Bob Hisrich. His vast experience in and knowledge of entrepreneurship has enabled a thorough application of entrepreneurial principles to government organizations. This book should be recommended reading for everyone in government at every level. We can only hope that a new era of governpreneurship is launched with this useful and practical guide.A• A Thomas N. Duening, University of Colorado, US Challenging the traditional view that entrepreneurship is exclusively a private-sector concern, Governpreneurship presents a compelling argument for increased focus on entrepreneurship in public sector organizations. The only book to date to focus specifically on government entrepreneurship, this innovative volume combines Robert D. HisrichA•s vast theoretical knowledge with the practical experience of Amr Al-Dabbagh, who applied entrepreneurship in the Saudi public sector with excellent results. Featuring forewords by former US President Bill Clinton and former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, as well as four case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of government entrepreneurship in action, this fascinating book breaks new ground in a rapidly growing field. In a time when government funds are being reduced and its services increasingly questioned, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit within the government becomes a vital concern. Although there is no ideal model for achieving government entrepreneurship, this volume outlines a number of innovative strategies designed to help public sector managers undertake their public mission while developing an entrepreneurial culture within their organization. The authors offer thorough and indispensible advice covering every aspect of government entrepreneurship, from framework to policy to funding and beyond. Finally, the book concludes with four case studies that explore successful government entrepreneurial undertakings in Ireland, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. Government officials and other leaders in the public sector will find this book an indispensible guide to establishing an entrepreneurial focus in their organizations. Professors and students working in entrepreneurship, public sector management, and other business-related fields will also have much to admire in this innovative addition to the literature.NCC Labor Competitiveness Council Document, 2010. NCC National ... NISPAcee%20SAGIA%20 CaseStudy_Khalid%20Al%20Yahya.pdf. Global ... Lonely Planet Guide, accessed 20 July 2012 at:

Author:Robert D. Hisrich, Amr Al-Dabbagh
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2012-01-01


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