Governance, Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution

Governance, Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution

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Decades after our contemporary international system witnessed the end of the Second World War, the events that followed in its aftermath has fashioned an international system characterized by global conflict in the guise of the Cold War. Although wars were part of the struggle between the two rival super powers - the US and USSR - their main theatre was the Third World and hostilities during the Cold War era were global. It is against this backdrop that Governance, Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution addresses conflict in the Caribbean and elsewhere, exploring the linkages between conflict and development. The book is divided into eight sections and offers diverse views on conflict, conflict resolution and governance: Part 1 - Governance and Conflict Management in a Global Context; Part II - Management and resolution of Conflict in the Regional Context; Part III - Perspectives on Social Stratification, Political Rivalry and Ethnic Insecurities; Part IV - High Intensity Conflicts; Part V - The Management and Resolution of Territorial Conflicts; Part VI - Poverty, Economics and Conflict Management; Part VII - Advancing Conflict Resolution through Education; and Part VIII - Civil Society, Governance and Social Consensus.The more helping professions trained and registered to mediate, the better off all of our clients will be. Notes 1. The Settlement Institute, Mediation Training Manual (Atlanta, GA: The Settlement Institute, 2003). 2. Susan L. Carpenter and W.T.D.anbsp;...

Title:Governance, Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution
Author:Cedric Hilburn Grant, R. Mark Kirton
Publisher:Ian Randle Publishers - 2007-01-01


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