Got Teeth? a Survivor's Guide

Got Teeth? a Survivor's Guide

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Your heart beats quickly, your knuckles clench, and your palms sweat. First date? Job Interview? No. The receptionist just called your name and asked you to have a seat - in the DENTIST'S CHAIR! Every sight, sound, and smell triggers haunting childhood memories. For those who have had unpleasant experiences in the dentist's chair, the anticipation of each visit can be debilitating - and the reason why dental visits are put off until the point of no return. With over 75% of the population suffering from gum disease in varying stages, we are faced with difficult choices and sometimes - no choices: 1-1/2 million people each year get dentures. Periodontal disease can contribute to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pre-term low-birth weight babies, stroke, and more. With notes and quotes from dental professionals, Section One may help you keep your teeth and improve your health. In Section Two, Saundra delivers a blunt and sometimes humorous (sure, she can laugh now!) account of her life-changing experience with periodontal disease, bone loss, and tooth loss. Her story sheds light on the stages of shock and devastation of realizing your teeth are leaving you, and learning to accept their replacements. Got Teeth? A Survivor's Guide walks you through it - step by step - from qHOW did this happen to ME?q to qWHY didn't anybody tell ME?q Her answer? qBECAUSE NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT!q I was blessed! I read Got Teeth? at the very time I was awaiting surgery to remove all my natural teeth! If it were not for Saundra and her keen wisdom about adapting to change, I would have gone in blind because NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT. Armed with this knowledge and knowing which questions to ask made all the difference in the world. I recommend this book to anyone facing dental trauma, or especially if someone you love is dealing with it. Linda S. Please visit www.gotteethguide.comImplants replace missing teeth by placing artificial roots (the implant) into the jawbone. Like an artificial hip, heart valve, or knee implant, dental implants are prostheses. In 1952, Swedish Professor Per-Invar Branemark accidentally discoveredanbsp;...

Title:Got Teeth? a Survivor's Guide
Author:Saundra Goodman
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2007-04


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