GOOD: an Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design

GOOD: an Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design

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In a world where awareness of ethics is increasing--but actual ethics themselves may be decreasing--where does graphic design fit in? What is the responsibility of the graphic designer? Is it right to use good design to further evil in the world, merely for the sake of being a good designer? Without dictating a moral stance, Good: Ethics and Graphic Design explores the idea of qbeing goodq and uses what-if scenarios to explore the ramifications of different business decisions. Author Lucienne Roberts draws readers into a debate about professional qgoodnessq versus personal qgoodnessq and the relationship between ethics and design practice.In his essay Alain de Botton explored the contemporary schism between the expectations of what work can deliver and the reality. ... He held that it is natural to humans to seek happiness and fundamental to how they make choices in life.

Title:GOOD: an Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design
Author:Lucienne Roberts
Publisher:AVA Publishing - 2006-11-01


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