God's Words of Encouragement

God's Words of Encouragement

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This book shows the many ways to write in acrostic, such as the following: a€”a€œMerry Christmas: The First Christmas Story, a€ page 6 a€”a€œM Is for Mary: Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord (Luke 1:38)a€ a€”a€œGoda€™s Favor, a€ page 6 (This one is my favorite.) God wants to direct your path, and then other things you need would fall into place if you depend on Jesus as he depends upon you, and then serving God will be wonderful and beautiful. a€”a€œThank, a€ page 7 a€”a€œThe Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.a€ a€”a€œThanka€ a€œT Is for Testimonies (Ps. 119:119)a€ I love Goda€™s testimonies.... for ABRAM a€” ABRAM gave God a tenth of all N is for NIGHT a€” The Lord gives the stars and moon for light by NIGHT K is for KINDLED a€” The Lord gives you, ... undertake I is for INTO a€” Crossover and go INTO the land the Lord gives you V is for VENGEANCE a€” Never avenge yourself, give it to God, VENGEANCE is ... 4:6 By prayer and requests with Thanksgiving, continue to HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Title:God's Words of Encouragement
Author:George D. Jackson, Jr. [Sparky]
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-08-21


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