...God’s Turn

...God’s Turn

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Ask just about anyone how they felt about their life two decades back. You will find that great moments seem to be getting scarce. Our liberal world is bowing down to self-preservation, and our greatest pastime is watching human extinction on wide screens. What if God stops the whole world and says, a€œMy turna€? In a world where new identities are exploding by the day and impressive technologies are filling the gaps in our social, occupational, and therapeutic lives, can the godly paradigm stand? One in which mankind not only tolerates but embraces the ideal that we in fact are nothing without God, we have achieved and advanced not of our own intelligence but that He has given us His likeness, His power, and His grace to do so. If we pray, a€œThy kingdom come, a€ we can then surmise that a time must come when God Himself will rule. The question is, what have you decided, and how powerful is your decision? www.noreproach.caThe right tail light was broken and the rear of that silver Ford focus was outrageously dented. The repairs would have cost me over a thousand dollars, an accident report that would have tainted my driving record and increased my premium.

Title:...God’s Turn
Author:S. Wronski
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2014-08-01


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