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Goddess is a powerful story of two young women who struggle for success and glory in the Indian film industry. The beautiful Rita comes to Mumbai from a small town in the Himalayan foothills and reaches dizzying heights of superstardom through determination talent charisma a€“ and a dose of manipulation. What is the price she has to pay? Sanyaa€™s past overshadows her future but ruthless ambition and a talent for choosing the right godfather at the right time helps her reach the heights she desires. The loves lives and careers of these beautiful young women eventually overlap and clash a€“ and the resulting storm has the potential to shatter completely the equilibrium of the film industry.Neither she nor her bodyguards accompanying her in her vehicle paid any attention to the steel grey Maruti SX4 that pulled out from between a row of parked cars from across the road near the studio complex and drove off behind their Toyotaanbsp;...

Publisher:V&S Publishers - 2015-06-01


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