God Emperor of Didcot

God Emperor of Didcot

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Tea . . . a beverage brewed from the fermented dried leaves of the shrub Camelli sinensis and imbibed by all the great civilizations in the galaxy's history; a source of refreshment, stimulation, and, above all else, of moral fibera€”without which the British Space Empire must surely crumble to leave Earth at the mercy of its enemies. Sixty percent of the Empire's tea is grown on one worlda€”Urn, principal planet of the Didcot system. If Earth is to keep fighting, the tea must flow! When a crazed cult leader overthrows the government of Urn, Isambard Smith and his vaguely competent crew find themselves saddled with new alliesa€”a legion of tea-obsessed nomads, an overly-civilized alien horde. and a commando unit so elite that it has only five members. Only together can they defeat the self-proclaimed God Emperor of Didcot and confront the true power behind the coupa€”the sinister legions of the Ghast Empire and Smith's old enemy, Commander 462.But at that range, the laser wouldna#39;t be strong enough to do much except mess up the electrics. I suppose we may have a slow puncture, but as it is, all I can be sure ita#39;s done is break the big door at the back of the hold. I can repair that as soonanbsp;...

Title:God Emperor of Didcot
Author:Toby Frost
Publisher: - 2009-01-01


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