Glory After the War

Glory After the War

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Following Wild Blue, Coleen W. Cain's second World War II novel, Glory After the War continues this gripping saga. Paula and her husband, former USAF Capt. Garner Cameron, pursue their dreams of earning a living while continuing to serve their country in the freedom they so gallantly won. The nation swoons under strikes, shortages, and rental hikes for its 12, 000, 000 returning vets. Stripped of housing, employment, and basic needs, Paula and Garner are determined for him to get his B.S. degree in Engineering under the G.I. Bill. It is theirs to survive and revive the nation. Paula gets pregnant. Working wherever possible, she is often hungry, always worried about her unborn baby. They have been through the war, but this time around, it is the woman who determines the outcome.The Electronic Service Co.was located in anold brick faced, onestoried frame building withsagging shoulders. It rested ... Toward the front stood two sets of display shelves like bookcases, containing a Sunbeam Mixmaster, Westclox alarm clocks, toasters, radios, and two ... and also separated thestore from the repair shop.

Title:Glory After the War
Author:Coleen Cain
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-01-30


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