Globalization and Development Volume I

Globalization and Development Volume I

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Globalization and Development is a qcross-national studyq on the qinterstate dispersionq of the impacts (to growth, inequality and poverty) that international economic integration provides to the economies of the developing countries, along with some specific factors that determine the outcome in each nation (such as socio-economic institutions and policy packages). Volume I introduces the evolution and facets of globalization, and the challenges that we face in our development efforts under globalization. Findings from the old and new empirical studies are consolidated for us to answer the following question. What do we really know about the impacts of globalization? Volume I also contains thematic and issue-oriented discussions on the key facets of globalization. Given the multi-layered (economic, political and cultural) process of globalization, this book examines qpovertyq not only on the basis of economic indicators such as income and expenditures but also from the viewpoints of qsubjective well-beingq and qhappinessq of the people under consideration. This book intends to serve as a unique and comprehensive guide for those in the international development community on the subjects of diversified development paradigms/paths under globalization and other challenges in the post-MDGs era.2013 Triennial Central Bank Survey. Retrieved on November 17, 2013 from http:// Bhargava, V. (Ed.). ... Friedman, T. L. (2000). The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Leading issues in development with globalization 47.

Title:Globalization and Development Volume I
Author:Shigeru Thomas Otsubo
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-08-27


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