Global Design History

Global Design History

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Globalism is often discussed using abstract terms, such as a€˜networksa€™ or a€˜flowsa€™ and usually in relation to recent history. Global Design History moves us past this limited view of globalism, broadening our sense of this key term in history and theory. Individual chapters focus our attention on objects, and the stories they can tell us about cultural interactions on a global scale. They place these concrete things into contexts, such as trade, empire, mediation, and various forms of design practice. Among the varied topics included are: the global underpinnings of Renaissance material culture the trade of Indian cottons in the eighteenth-century the Japanese tea ceremony as a case of a€˜import substitutiona€™ German design in the context of empire handcrafted modernist furniture in Turkey Australian fashions employing a€˜ethnica€™ motifs an experimental UK-Ghanaian design partnership Chinese social networking websites the international circulation of contemporary architects. Featuring work from leading design historians, each chapter is paired with a a€˜responsea€™, designed to expand the discussion and test the methodologies on offer. An extensive bibliography and resource guide will also aid further research, providing students with a user friendly model for approaches to global design. Global Design History will be useful for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics and researchers in design history and art history, and related subjects such as anthropology, craft studies and cultural geography.This was a system of manufacture in which London remained the principal arbiter and source of design. ... in furnishing fabrics at least, the two-dimensional forms and motifs employed on textiles imported from India that came to be perceivedanbsp;...

Title:Global Design History
Author:Glenn Adamson, Assistant Professor in Global History and Culture Giorgio Riello, Giorgio Riello, Sarah Teasley
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2011-03-15


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