Glenn Stories

Glenn Stories

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Joan and Dick Wexo are first time book writers. They finally wrote Glenn Stories, the book, after years of telling the stories to family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. They had first worked on a list of any and all stories they could remember from Glenn's childhood. When they found themselves reliving particular stories over and over they decided to put them in book form. Dick is retired from a career in television. He worked in New York City, N.Y., Miami, Florida (twice) and New Orleans, Louisiana. Joan is justly proud of her long highly successful and rewarding stint as Glenn's mother. Joan, Dick and now adult son Glenn currently live in South Florida and are the owners of South Florida Rehearsal Studios and South Florida Real Sound. The Wexo's enjoyed the writing of Glenn Stories so much that they have begun work on a children's book, The House Mouse. Glenn Stories are just as advertised. They take the reader along a 14 plus years journey of individual stories about Glenn Richard Wexo, from a 3 month old adopted son to a teenager. The stories show the growth of a smart, active, dynamic, creative, and inquisitive person from baby to teen. The stories encompass his activities involving parents and grandparents, extended family, friends, colleagues, teachers, acquaintances, and even passing strangers. They could be the stories of many a young person. They are stories that show a complete growing person, warts and all. Over the fourteen year period covered, the reader will first meet Glenn in Brooklyn, New York where and he and parents lived until he was three. It highlights his early upbringing of baby to young child surrounded by family, and long term friends in an environment comfortable for all. Then it's on to South Florida where the entire family must make all kinds of adjustments to its new life. Finally, on to New Orleans and yet another life style adjustment just as Glenn heads into his teenage years. It was a wonderful ride.It was a kick watching him put pennies in the slot, then unlocking the bank part, and retrieving the coins. Then, as young ... Joan saw Glenn trying to put a coin in the circle design on the side of the saddle, and saying aquot;money in thereaquot;. He never did things without remembering where, why and how. One early Christmas Joan caught Glenn sneaking candy canes from the decorations on the Christmas tree.

Title:Glenn Stories
Author:Joan Wexo, Dick Wexo
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2010-12


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