Getting Started in Reloading.

Getting Started in Reloading.

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Do you want to get started in Handloading your own ammunition, but need a step-by-step guide that does a little better at explaining why you're doing things? Just need a little overview on the basic steps before you start buying gear? Need some guidance on what all this stuff is supposed to do for you? This booklet might help you out! At least, I hope it will...It's supposed to. This book will not give you loads for your particular cartridge - there are hundreds of other books for that. This book will give you the basics, and help you understand the actual mechanics of cleaning, depriming, sizing, trimming, powder measuring, and seating a bullet.Weight is the standard measure listed in every reloading manual. For many decades, Lee Precision has marketed a set of plastic a€œdippersa€ (think little measuring cups). These can be useful, but unless your budget is really tight, I suggestanbsp;...

Title:Getting Started in Reloading.
Author:Paul Feist
Publisher:Paul Feist - 2011-11


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