Getting Gamers

Getting Gamers

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Video games are big business. They can be addicting. They are available almost anywhere you go and are appealing to people of all ages. They can eat up our time, cost us money, even kill our relationships. But ita€™s not all bad! This book will show that rather than being a waste of time, video games can help us develop skills, make friends, succeed at work, form good habits, and be happy. Taking the time to learn whata€™s happening in our heads as we play and shop allows us to approach games and gaming communities on our own terms and get more out of them. With sales in the tens of billions of dollars each year, just about everybody is playing some kind of video game whether it's on a console, a computer, a web browser, or a phone. Much of the mediuma€™s success is built on careful (though sometimes unwitting) adherence to basic principles of psychology. This is something thata€™s becoming even more important as games become more social, interactive, and sophisticated. This book offers something unique to the millions of people who play or design games: how to use an understanding of psychology to be a better part of their gaming communities, to avoid being manipulated when they shop and play, and to get the most enjoyment out of playing games. With examples from the games themselves, Jamie Madigan offers a fuller understanding of the impact of games on our psychology and the influence of psychology on our games.In a press event about a month before the main expo, Microsoft officially revealed the Xbox One hardware. ... they gleefully rubbed Microsofta#39;s face in fansa#39; early reactions to the television integration, privacy concerns, and restrictions on used games. ... / through-xbox-one-announcement-shows-little-answers-less/ (accessed March 13 , 2015).

Title:Getting Gamers
Author:Jamie Madigan
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2015-10-16


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