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This newest edition of a core graduate level textbook has added six new chapters to further enrich the Angerontological imagination, Ar and encourage an interdisciplinary approach to the study of aging. Academically rigorous yet clear and accessible, the text provides the most current findings from leading gerontological researchers and practitioners. New and updated chapters examine biology, exercise science/nutrition, communication science, geriatric medicine and nursing, demography, anthropology, economics, human development, psychology, political science, sociology, social work, and law, to provide broadly drawn perspectives on the study of aging. Special emphasis is placed on current challenges regarding policy and service delivery in the face of fiscal uncertainty. Additionally, this new edition covers international outlooks on aging given the increasing influence of globalization on individual lives. By interweaving knowledge from a broad range of disciplines, Wilmoth and Ferraro have created a comprehensive picture of gerontology today that will enhance course instruction and provide a new window into the future of the discipline. New chapters address: Geriatric medicine and nursing Communication disorders and aging International and cross-cultural perspectives on aging Public policy and the needs of diverse aging populations Geriatric social work Legal perspectives on aging Key Features: Interweaves current gerontological research and ideas from multiple disciplines Addresses biology, psychology, human development, sociology, and economics as they relate to gerontology Presents additional disciplinary perspectives including exercise science/nutrition, communication science, geriatric medicine and nursing, demography, anthropology, political science, social work, and law. Includes FerraroAss classic chapter on AnThe Gerontological ImaginationArPerspectives and Issues, Fourth Edition Kenneth F. Ferraro, PhD, Janet M. Wilmoth, PhD. EIGHT Retirement and Financial Security: Two Economists Think Out Loud Joseph T. Marchand and Timothy M. Smeeding At its heart, this ... Another place to look is the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College (

Author:Kenneth F. Ferraro, PhD, Janet M. Wilmoth, PhD
Publisher:Springer Publishing Company - 2013-04-26


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