Geology and Settlement : Greco-Roman Patterns

Geology and Settlement : Greco-Roman Patterns

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This study explains the Greco-Roman urban form as it relates to the geological basis at selected sites in the Mediterranean basin. Each of the sites--Argos, Delphi, Ephesus, and Syracuse among them--has manifested in its physical form the geology on which it stood and from which it was made. qBy demonstrating the dependence of a group of cities on its geological base, q the author writes, qthe study forces us to examine more closely the ecology of human settlement, not as a set of theories but as a set of practical constraints...q Exacting attention will be given to local geology (types of building stones, natural springs, effect of earthquakes, silting, etc.) The findings are based on site publications, visits to the sites, and the most recent archaeological plans. The book is illustrated with original photographs and geological maps indicating the known Greco-Roman features--the first such maps published for any of the sites. Sequel to Water Management in Ancient Greek Cities, now available by Publication on DemandGreco-Roman Patterns Troy Dora P. Crouch Professor Emerita Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY ... In cities of the eastern part of the empire, Roman density was mitigated bv the older Greek tradition of isolating major buildings and ... In 1992, realizing that I had questions but neither answers nor methodology for acquiring these answers I enlisted practical ... in particular how the sitesa#39; physical features were based on karst geology and amenable to hydraulic engineering, how theanbsp;...

Title:Geology and Settlement : Greco-Roman Patterns
Author:Troy Dora P. Crouch Professor Emerita Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1993-11-08


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