Generation Text

Generation Text

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A teenage boy goes shopping on the Internet, sees something he likes, immediately reaches his mother via cell phone, and in a few short keystrokes, types in her credit card number and gets a shiny new lacrosse stick. Thanks to technological advances including computers, the Internet, cell phones, and satellites, today's children are faced with a world markedly more complexa€”and often distractinga€”than that of any other preceding generAsaAstion. Generation Text examines why and how this phenomenon shapes children's values, attitudes, and behavior in a way that is fundamentally different from previous generations...and provides strategies for coping with the particular challenges of growing up in the new millennium. Parents who want to ensure that their children successfully develop key social skills, a healthy identity, and a strong work ethic need to make the right choices every step of the way. Clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Osit draws on his professionala€”as well as personala€”experiences working with children and teens who have been challenged by unpreceAsdentAsed access to information, possessions, and temptation. Using case studies and examples, the book provides reasonable, down-to-earth strategies readers can use to address the unique issues faced by children surrounded by infinite choices...and very few limits.To get money, you must simply follow the instructions on the ATM screen and remember your PIN code. To make ... By the time they get to high school, the Internet and cell phones serve as a primary means of communicating with friends .

Title:Generation Text
Author:Michael OSIT
Publisher:AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn - 2008-07-23


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