General Anatomy and Osteology of Head and Neck

General Anatomy and Osteology of Head and Neck

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This ready reckoner for students of Dentistry highlights essential anatomy of head and neck with emphasis on clinical application. The neNe supply of all the muscles of head and neck has been condensed in one page with pneumonic aids for remembering the basis. Osteology which is essential for a deep insight into the fundamental gross anatomy, has received special attention. The tables embody large bodies of essential information in a compact form. For identification of histology slides the help of tables seemed logical. In many ways, this book should prove useful for undergraduates in medicine and surgery too. More so, it should also attract aspirants for success in PGMEDIAGRAM Styloid Apparatus Ligament a€c Stylomandibular ligament a€c Stylohyoid ligament Muscle 112 General Anatomy aamp; Osteology of Head aamp; Neck Borders. a€c Styloglossus muscle a€c Stylopharyngeus muscle a€c Stylohyoid muscle DIAGRAManbsp;...

Title:General Anatomy and Osteology of Head and Neck
Author:Mahdi Hasan
Publisher:I. K. International Pvt Ltd - 2009-01-01


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