Gene Transfer

Gene Transfer

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Understanding gene function and regulation requires rigorous testing in live cells and organisms. Recent advances have provided a variety of new strategies for delivering DNA and RNA into cells and probing their expression, as well as new clinical applications that rely upon the introduction of genetic material. The vast number of available techniques for clinical and laboratory research often makes selecting the optimal method a difficult process. Gene Transfer: Delivery and Expression of DNA and RNA provides the first comprehensive guide to technical approaches of delivering nucleic acids into cells and organisms and of ensuring (even manipulating) appropriate expression. The detailed, stepa€“bya€“step protocols cover a variety of methods, both well established and newly evolving. These include viral and nonviral methods of gene delivery, as well as transgenic approaches, strategies for the regulation of transgene expression and modification of the host response. The introductory matter to each chapter includes concise technical as well as theoretical discussions with considerations for selection of the appropriate system and strategies for delivery.Protocol 2 Cloning an shRNA into a Lentiviral Silencing Vector: Version B This protocol describes version B of the lentivector silencing system. It has been adapted to Gateway cloning technology (Invitrogen), allowing for a fast and convenientanbsp;...

Title:Gene Transfer
Author:Theodore Friedmann, John J. Rossi
Publisher:CSHL Press - 2007


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