Gene Biotechnology, Second Edition

Gene Biotechnology, Second Edition

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Many scientists find themselves working in the laboratory without sufficient background in current biotechnology methods. Others want to keep up with the revolution in biotechnology and the flood of new methodologies. This book provides a solution for both: a multidisciplinary approach to the methods essential to biotechnical development. Covering state-of-the-art technologies and a broad range of practical applications, the Second Edition of Gene Biotechnology presents information that researchers and students need to understand and apply today's biotechnology techniques. It discusses a wide variety of approaches, from very basic methods to the latest, most sophisticated technologies, including gene manipulation methods. The book contains clearly detailed, step-by-step protocols with helpful troubleshooting tips. It addresses the needs of researchers in academic and commercial environments, and serves as a guide for graduate students designing, implementing, and evaluating experimental projects. Written by a team of internationally recognized scientists, this edition offers several notable features typically lacking in other works on the subject. The book presents protocols, as well as clear and simple explanations of the key principles and concepts behind the methods. It includes useful troubleshooting guides to help solve experimental problems, presenting a single, logically organized source for all the most important new methodologies. This unique resource provides the tools for success in molecular and cellular biology research today.... 280 biotin-labeled, 279a€“280 heavy chains of description of, 472 polymerase chain reaction amplification of, 480a€“486 light chains of ... technology for producing expression of, 487 phagea€“antibody particles selected by biopanning, 490a€“491 schematic diagram of ... 474a€“476 from white blood cells, 474 variable regions polymerase chain reaction amplification of, 480a€“486 primers for construction of, anbsp;...

Title:Gene Biotechnology, Second Edition
Author:William Wu, Helen H. Zhang, Michael J. Welsh, Peter B. Kaufman
Publisher:CRC Press - 2004-06-01


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