Geesgedrewe Heersers

Geesgedrewe Heersers

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After the dragon, Satan and his angels lost the great battle in heaven against Michael and his angels they were subsequently cast down to the earth. The one that thought in his pride that he was qualified to replace the Creator of the Universe as ruler over its immeasurable expanse, suddenly found his domain reduced to one small planet. This however, was not the end of his humiliation. The Creator God had the audacity to fashion a small being after His own image from the very clay of Satana€™s kingdom and after blowing His breath, His Spirit into it to cause it to live, instructed it to rule over his (Satana€™s) kingdom. Since that day, Satana€™s all out purpose was to destroy mankind. He thought that he had succeeded when he caused man to sin and thereby causing Goda€™s Spirit to leave man. Thus he regained control over the earth. However, he under-estimated the immeasurable depth of Goda€™s love for man that through the death of the Son on the cross, redeemed man. This act of love opened the way for man to regain the life that the first Adam and Eve lost through their fall. Every person that truly accepts Jesus Christ as his or her saviour, and is born again by the Spirit of God can also regain the breath or Spirit of God by being filled with the Holy Spirit. However, this is not the beginning and end all of mana€™s spiritual journey. Mana€™s creative purpose namely, to rule over the earth, has never changed. Goda€™s calling is without repentance as the Bible says. In fact, the book proves from Scripture that it is not only still valid, but that it is indeed eternal and thus challenges many peoplea€™s theology. It continues to explain the responsibilities of the believers as kings and priests of Jesus who is their High Priest The book reveals that Goda€™s children are indeed appointed by Jesus to continue the works that He performed while He walked the earth. Not only are we, His children appointed by Him, like in any good employment, we can also enjoy the awesome benefits of the Kingdom. This must however, be distinguished from the prosperity gospel. It also reveals that Jesus has a specific purpose for every one of His followers in the greater scheme of things. The greatest message of the book, is however that mankind can only exercise its authority in total dependence and under the continual guidance of the Holy Spirit a€“ hence the title Spirit Driven Rulers (Geesgedrewe Heersers). It explains systematically applying examples from the authora€™s and daily life, our walk with the Holy Spirit . The book endeavours to be an inspirational but also practical guide on how to be filled and to be led by the Spirit. a€œ ... because those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of Goda€ (Rom.8:14 NIV). The book reveals, that Goda€™s people have to exercise their creative purpose, namely, to rule over the earth in the midst of their enemies. It goes on to show that through the ages, the greatest enemies of the church had always been the adder in its bosom. For this reason the author takes up arms against present trends against the person and redemptive work of Christ, as well as the authority of the Bible. In this regard, it focuses more specifically on the current trends in theology in South Africa as perpetrated by a group of theologians who call themselves the a€œNuwe Hervormersa€ (New Reformers). Oh yes, then there is St. Enamel. His kind have been around since the time of Jesus who called them a€œWhited sepulchresa€ . But we have become fancy now, we do not use lime anymore. Nevertheless, in spite of the new veneer, the inside is still full of dead bones - the traditions of man that are still holding people in bondage. Watch out for St. Enamel!Op geestelike gebied het ek al dikwels deur die jare mense teegekom wat vir my gesAo het, a#39;Onthou jy nog die dag toe jy ... Toe die waaragtige Lig na Sy eiendom kom, het hulle Hom nie geken nie en Hom nie aangeneem nie, want hulle hetanbsp;...

Title:Geesgedrewe Heersers
Author:Gerhardt Smook
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-11-19


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