GCSE Computer Studies for You

GCSE Computer Studies for You

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This second edition of a GCSE computer studies text includes chapters on personal computers and desktop publishing, spreadsheets and their applications, and detailed case studies illustrating how a computer system can revolutionize the working environment. The Data Protection Act is also included, together with project work, an extended section on coursework, advice on how to revise and hints on how to pass examinations. Key words are explained in the text in context and highlighted with bold type, and also explained in an extensive glossary.B The computer consists of two parts: and C The is the which allows the hardware to perform a useful task. D A simple compu ter system usually consists of a CPU. input and output devices and some external storage called the store. ... Explain the difference between hardware and software. b Draw a diagram of a simple computer system showing the following devices: backing store, central processinganbsp;...

Title:GCSE Computer Studies for You
Author:Stephen Doyle
Publisher:Nelson Thornes - 1985-11-01


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