GCE O-level Biology Effective Guide (Yellowreef)

GCE O-level Biology Effective Guide (Yellowreef)

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a€c a beginner's guide to effective grasping of key concepts a€c explanations are quick and easy to understand a€c holistic question answering techniques a€c exact definitions a€c complete edition eBook onlycellulose cell wall chloroplast nucleolus cell membrane nuclear membrane chromatin granule Sap vacuole cytoplasm centrolie tonoplast mitochondrion Plant Cell Animal Cell Differences between a plant cell and an animal cell ... Function. of. cell. membrane. Cell membrane is semi-permeable so that diffusion can take place. It regulates the passage of substances entering and leaving the cell.

Title:GCE O-level Biology Effective Guide (Yellowreef)
Author:Thomas Bond, Chris Hughes
Publisher:Yellowreef Limited - 2013-11-18


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