Gavin's Woman (A PSI Sentinel Novella)

Gavin's Woman (A PSI Sentinel Novella)

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She was his only obsession. Gavin Dunbar, liaison between the PSI and the government, is a low-level psychic himself. A man of the present who believes the future is too nebulous, too fluid a€“ that it can't be trusted. His reasons are mired deep in a past he has no desire to examine. After all, in his world, having a soul-mate doesn't equate to happily-ever-after. Tragedy has brought Calea Fontaine to a crossroads and has her reassessing her future without the man she loves. A seer from a long line of seers, Calea knows, firsthand, that while Fate might try to guide a person along a path, Free Will has a way of trumping Destiny. Or does it? Along the storm ravaged Oregon coast, a predator stalks Calea with an obsession born of a dark ache, an overwhelming need to control and possess at any cost. The only obstacle standing in his way is Gavin Dunbar.He stopped next to a camouflaged painted, rugged, dirty mustard and sage green colored, lifted Hummer H1, military style, with huge, gnarly tires, ... a€œRented it from the owner of the air field. ... Across the structure, near the loading area and service elevator, a door slammed and the echo reverberated across the pavement.

Title:Gavin's Woman (A PSI Sentinel Novella)
Author:Pamela Moran
Publisher:Pamela Moran LLC - 2015-01-27


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