Gas Station Stories

Gas Station Stories

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In this humorous collection of stories about incidents that occurred in and around gas stations, the author captures moments in time that tells the American story about our fascination and love for gas stations. With the advent of the horseless carriage at the beginning of the 20th century, the mass production of the Model T, and the hunger of the American public for this new form of transportation, gas stations sprung up all over the country to satisfy the thirst of these new contraptions. With the end of World War II came an unprecedented demand by the American public for new automobiles, gas stations to service them, and highway systems to accommodate this craze. Americans are a mobile society who love their vehicles, and the broad expanse of our great nation demanded high performance, luxury, and looks for their vehicles. The automobile liberated the average American, and our country would never be the same. As the reader turns the pages of this book, it wona€™t be long before he or she is reminiscing about his or her own experiences in and around that great American Establishment, the gas station, and thata€™s what the author intended for this book to be all about. It also is a tribute to the men and women who fought in World War II and preserved the freedoms that we enjoy today in this great country. So what are you waiting for America? Crank her up, and leta€™s get started on this journey back in time.... bays one of which had a lift. I saw the first gasoline credit card machine in use at this station. You set the amount manually, laid the card in the track, put the paper charge slip in place then pushed the slide across which imprinted the card 18anbsp;...

Title:Gas Station Stories
Author:Bob Balch
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2007-05-22


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