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A boyhood and adolescence told through the lens of seven primitive computer games qYou have been awakened.q Floppy disk inserted, computer turned on, a whirring, and then this sentence followed by a blinking cursor. So begins Suspended, the first computer game to obsess seven-year-old Michael, to worm into his head and change his sense of reality. Thirty years later he will write: qComputer games have taught me the things you can't learn from people.q Michael Clune's Gamelife is a sui generis memoir. It captures the essential strangeness of childhood, when the world is still revealing itself. It describes cafeteria politics, locker-room hazing, and divorce with a sharpness that will leave you laughing and squirming. It re-creates a place--1980s suburban Illinois, John Hughes movie territory--in all its quotidian glory. And it explores, like nothing before it, how the ephemeral worlds of video games gave shape to a boy's days.Thirty years later he will write: aquot;Computer games have taught me the things you cana#39;t learn from people.aquot; Michael Clunea#39;s Gamelife is a sui generis memoir.

Author:Michael W. Clune
Publisher:Macmillan - 2015-09-15


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