Funny You Should Say That

Funny You Should Say That

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'A fool and his words are soon parted' wrote William Shenstone in 1764; one might add that 'A wit and his words are rarely collected'. Here is the antidote: a dazzling survey of the funniest remarks, quips and observations from Ancient Rome, the Bible and Chaucer right up to The Simpsons and Little Britain. Over 5, 000 of the very funniest remarks to have appeared on paper since, well, paper was invented. The quotations are arranged thematically and cover all aspects of life: from the world we inhabit to the things we eat, smoke and drink; from the way we move around to what and how we learn - oh, and the pointlessness of football. There is a short biography of all of the authors in the book, a brief contextual note for each quotation and an index of keywords to help you find you chosen witticism quickly. But do not be over-hasty when you use this book: it is a browser's delight, and should be enjoyed at leisure.1856a€“1914 Dylan Thomas Welsh Poet The best ofhis rhythmic and emotional poems are contained in Deaths and Entrances (1946). Thomas, an alcoholic legend, was an antidote to the dryness and scepticismof Eliot andAuden. 1914a€“ 53anbsp;...

Title:Funny You Should Say That
Author:Andrew Martin
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2006-11-30


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