Funny Thing about Names

Funny Thing about Names

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qA town called Hell, which freezes over. A mollusk raised to college mascot. A brand of bubble gum named for a musical instrument. Wegryn visits all these examples and more in his humorous investigation of naming practices. For a popular overview of the field, Funny Thing About Names delivers its message with wit and style.q-Christine De Vinne, American Name Society President.Ask yourself this What is the most popular street name? Who was Benedict Arnold's infamous brother? What is the oldest sports team nickname? What famous university once was named Chatholepistemaid? Why did Boris Karloff change his name? Why didn't Arnold Schwarzenegger?Funny Thing About Names answers these questions and many more as it delves into the wide world of names.Bases upon ten years of research, this amusing account examines how and why we label people, places and businesses in America. It will delight the trivia buff, intrigue the reader interested in onomastics (the study of names), and put a smile on both.... the Titans. One wonders if you are supposed to root for the players, the franchise, the nickname, or the city. ... But that noun, incorrectly made plural with an s, was already being used by their baseball and hockey teams. So the ... But in 1965, the poetry was lost when the Los Angeles team became the California Angels.

Title:Funny Thing about Names
Author:Jim Wegryn
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-03


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