Fundamentals of Chemistry

Fundamentals of Chemistry

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[This book] is a supplement to the texts, not a replacement. It is intended to maximize your success in this course, by showing you how to become involved in developing your own techniques for grasping the concepts of chemistry. Using a study outline, problem sets, problem examples, worked and unworked, and numerous self tests, with answers, this manual will provide you with opportunities to sharpen your skills and evaluate your comprehension of the material in [the texts]. The worked-out solutions at the end of this manual walk you, step-by-step, through the methods of arriving at the answer to those same problems which have an answer only in the answer key ... Used in conjunction with your textbook and classroom lecture notes, this [book] offers an essential learning opportunity to the chemistry student.-Back cover.What valence electron structure would you expect to be attained by all atoms of a polyatomic ion? 6a. What orbital of ... Check your formula by drawing the Lewis dot diagram representing the molecule of the compound. Given: Sulfur dioxideanbsp;...

Title:Fundamentals of Chemistry
Author:Ralph A. Burns
Publisher:Pearson College Division - 1995


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