Full Moon

Full Moon

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The adventure continues with Sergeant Rock and his men fighting vampires, werewolves, zombies and enemy Vietcong soldiers deep within the jungles of Vietnam. After their first encounter with a clan of blood thirsty vampires and zombies hungry for human flesh, these American soldiera€™s only desire is to return safely back to their own lines. Their journey takes them through a valley filled with numerous terrors and creatures that feast on human flesh. The valley that lies before them is the kingdom of the werewolves and every step that they take takes them closer to either death or survival. In any case their adventure will lead them through horror and terror and encounters with not just enemy Vietcong soldiers but werewolves that only desire to tear their flesh from their bones. The leader of the werewolf pack has personal knowledge of Sergeant Rock and his capabilities for survival. This makes the wolf leader even more determined that Sergeant Rock and his men must die. Full Moon is full of action and packed with excitement from start to finish. Both sides of the battle spill blood and guts. Once you start reading this great exciting adventure, you wona€™t want to put this book down. Look for the next exciting story of Sergeant Rock and his mena€™s adventures into the unknown and terror. Look for them in their fantastic adventure of supernatural battles between human and non-human creatures in a€œBermuda Golda€. Bermuda Gold deals with, well leta€™s just wait till the book comes out in print. But for the avid reader of exciting adventures whether horror or just plain terror, Bermuda Gold contains just that. Take a journey of terror and excitement with sergeant Rock and his combat soldiers. Be on the look out for Bermuda Gold!Tara: Sergeant, I have seen these creatures and once the moon is at its fullest, these ordinary men turn into blood thirsty ... Doc: And then? Tara: Then the new cycle begins. Pax: What happens during the new cycle? Tara: There are no attacksanbsp;...

Title:Full Moon
Author:Edward Cerda
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-10-01


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