From Sinsemilla to Sins Forgiven

From Sinsemilla to Sins Forgiven

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Johnny Zapata had always lived a simple life as the son of migrant workers during the 1960s and 1970s-until a month and ten days after his sixteenth birthday. Already a high school dropout and a newlywed, Johnny took a job in a tree nursery in Illinois without knowing he was embarking on a wild adventure that would change his life forever. Johnny bought a magazine with an ad on witchcraft on a whim and began studying occultism, every single thing he wished for came to fruition for him-one being money. With the help of a coworker, Johnny's desire for wealth eventually led him down a dark path into the world of drugs and a new substance-the highly potent marijuana known as Mexican red hair sinsemilla. As Johnny began dealing sinsemilla, he was somehow protected by God's hand-until the fateful day when his choices finally caught up with him. qFrom Sinsemilla to Sins Forgivenq shares the true story of one man's walk through the unforgiving world of drugs as he learned the true meaning of adversity, redemption, and God's unconditional love.... had practice driving the nurserya#39;s tractors, which were all stick shift. most of the vehicles at work had manual transmissions, so i had plenty of ... a€œyeah, i like the way this Jeep looks. ... it was a four on the floor, powered by a strong v-6 engine, and good on gas. i could see that it had a lift kit and four nice, big, fat knobby tires .

Title:From Sinsemilla to Sins Forgiven
Author:Johnny Zapata
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-09


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