From Dust to Snow

From Dust to Snow

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Traveling and living abroad can be a wonderful and rewarding experience, a dream come true for some, but it can also be a horrific and interminable nightmare. qFrom Dust to Snow: Bush-Fallerq chronicles the true-life experiences of (Bush-Fallers) Africans (primarily Cameroonians), in Europe and the United States. Featuring more than twenty accounts from students, asylum seekers and the employed, contributors in this work of 'edutainment' ferry you through their experiences, first-hand, from the moment the idea of traveling overseas was conceived, through departure emotions, first impressions upon arrival, culture shock, hardships, comic moments, high points of each life, and even re-entry shock, including deportation. One way or the other, you should find yourself on one of the pages of this book, either as a foreigner or as a host. Prepare yourself for what is about to happen; Discover the African Dream, a Dream far bigger than Bush-falling.As an unarmed guard, there are no special educational requirements, though most require that you would have left US ... owe somebody, I realized we had no credit history, so no one wanted to lend or lease anything to us, including a car.

Title:From Dust to Snow
Author:Wilfred Ngwa, Lydia Ngwa - 2006-05


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