Froggy Gets a Doggy

Froggy Gets a Doggy

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A pet! Mom has agreed: Froggy can have a pet. Off to the pet store they go. Mom would prefer a bunny or some mice, but Froggy and his little sister, Pollywogilina, have their hearts set on a doggy. And when Froggy sees the little dog with big brown eyes, he begs to take her home. Mom cautions Froggy about all the new responsibilities he will have taking care of Doggy, but Froggya€™s sure there will be no problem. He doesna€™t count on Doggy being more difficult to train than he expected. Froggy always lands himself in a pickle, but he always bounces back. Thata€™s why everyone loves him!A pet!

Title:Froggy Gets a Doggy
Author:Jonathan London
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-02-06


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