Freedom To Teach and Learn Literature

Freedom To Teach and Learn Literature

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This book is based on the authora€™s practice in teaching and learning literature. It approaches this subject as a privileged context for critical thinking, knowledge construction, and autonomy both for teachers and learners. It emphasizes practice though linking it with theory. Readers will fi nd many examples to clarify explanations. It presents concept mapping as a powerful tool to facilitate onea€™s expression of thinking+feeling+acting when experiencing a literary text. The book offers the opportunity of a hands-on participation in working with concept maps and of interacting with the author through email, if the reader feels like doing it. The aim here is to suggest ways to achieve a context of freedom and autonomy in literature classes as well as to encourage more readers to love reading and literature.Actually, there could be other questions, which had been brought up by students, such as, Why did the unicorn appear in that ... In figure 9, the map represents studentsa#39; answers to What is the meaning of life for Macbeth, in Act 5, scene 5?

Title:Freedom To Teach and Learn Literature
Author:Marli Merker Moreira
Publisher:Palibrio - 2012-01-26


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