Four the Balance of Life

Four the Balance of Life

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Have you ever felt you didn't trust someone but weren't sure what to do about it? Have you ever been disrespected by those close to you? Have you ever felt unsafe around certain people? Have you ever had someone closea€”a friend, partner, or business associatea€”who seems to not communicate when you need it most? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then let Gerard Brown guide you to more powerful and fulfilling personal and professional relationships. Gerard shows how the four keys of trust, safety, respect and communication are vital to any healthy connection. You will soon be armed with a superior knowledge of tools that will put you in total charge of your life and help you quickly recognize those trying to control or harm you. Through reading and learning from real-life examples, you will discover how to avoid toxic people and how to choose your friends and acquaintances wisely. Gerard approaches these delicate and complex topics with simplicity, humor, and logic. In Four: The Balance of Life, you truly will find how build healthy relationships.Heaven forbid the check engine light comes on. That is when panic really hits, and your safety may be at risk. If I were to get into an accident, my car has safety restraints that engage in a millisecond to protect me and my passengers. If I amanbsp;...

Title:Four the Balance of Life
Author:Gerard Brown
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2011-01


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