Food Industry Quality Control Systems

Food Industry Quality Control Systems

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After a sordid litany of recalls courtesy of the food industry, consumers are pointing the finger at companies that have failed to institute proper recall prevention techniques. While historical analysis shows no company is exempt from recall risk, most can be prevented with an efficient and verifiable quality control program. Authored by a 20-year food management specialist, Food Industry Quality Control Systems is the only single-source summary of basic quality control program requirements. With an emphasis on top-down management commitment, this book demonstrates the complete information collection process and essential program elements, including pest control, lot coding, organizational charts, specifications, supplier certification, and sanitation programs. This valuable reference devotes an entire chapter to each of the program areas discussed for enhanced understanding of each. Additionally, it outlines a variety of sub-programs and functions, including HACCP, a seven-principle framework that assists food manufacturers in ensuring comprehensive and sustainable food safety. This example-filled resource helps industry decision-makers answer these key questions: What will managementa€™s commitment to quality be? Will top management provide the personnel and resources to create and maintain a thorough quality control program? Who will run the quality program, and what will the reporting structure be? Where will ideas regarding quality come from? This book is a springboard for food industry professionals to start their own quality protection program while adhering to federal, state, and local regulations. It is a clear and concise knowledge base that food safety and quality managers truly cannot afford to be without. Readers can visit the CRC website to download supporting programs in a qplug-and-playq format and adaptable forms with specific examples and resources that enable companies to customize forms to fit their own needs.A template found on the CD (C:\Final CD\Book 2_Quality Control Manual\Section 8_Sanitation Program:Master ... The next step following the development of the cleaning procedures is to train the employees in how to clean each of the areas.

Title:Food Industry Quality Control Systems
Author:Mark Clute
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-10-22


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