Flying Blind

Flying Blind

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When Middlebury writing professor Don Mitchell was approached by a biologist with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department about tracking endangered Indiana bats on his 150-acre farm in Vermont's picturesque Champlain Valley, Mitchell's relationship with batsa€”and with governmenta€”could be characterized as distrustful, at best. But the flying rats, as Mitchell initially thinks of them, launched him on a series of qimprovementsq to his land that would provide a more welcoming habitat for the batsa€”and a modest tax break for himself and his family. Whether persuading his neighbors to join him on a qsilent meditation, q pulling invasive garlic mustard out of the ground by hand, navigating the tacit ground rules of buying an ATV off Craigslist, or leaving just enough honeysuckle to give government inspectors qsomething to find, q Mitchella€™s tale is as profound as it is funnya€”a journey that changes Mitchella€™s relationship with Chiroptera, the land, and, ultimately, his understanding of his own past. Ruminating on the nature of authority, the purview of the state, and the value of inhabiting onea€™s nichea€”Mitchell reveals much about our inner and outer landscape, in this perfectly paced and skilled story of place.In the end, though, I wound up purchasing another Stihl. The first had ... But it was held to be a tool for professionals, not a cheaper a€œFarm Bossa€ or a ... When I bought my first Stihl, the manual they gave me had been fairly brief and to the point.

Title:Flying Blind
Author:Don Mitchell
Publisher:Chelsea Green Publishing - 2013-10-15


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