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Read Sherri L. Smith's posts on the Penguin Blog Ida Mae Jones dreams of flight. Her daddy was a pilot and being black didna€™t stop him from fulfilling his dreams. But her daddya€™s gone now, and being a woman, and being black, are two strikes against her. When America enters the war with Germany and Japan, the Army creates the WASP, the Womena€™s Airforce Service Pilotsa€”and Ida suddenly sees a way to fly as well as do something significant to help her brother stationed in the Pacific. But even the WASP wona€™t accept her as a black woman, forcing Ida Mae to make a difficult choice of a€œpassing, a€ of pretending to be white to be accepted into the program. Hiding onea€™s racial heritage, denying onea€™s family, denying onea€™s self is a heavy burden. And while Ida Mae chases her dream, she must also decide who it is she really wants to be.Read Sherri L. Smitha#39;s posts on the Penguin Blog Ida Mae Jones dreams of flight.

Author:Sherri L. Smith
Publisher:Penguin - 2009-01-22


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