Flowers for Cina

Flowers for Cina

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When children are growing up they are not interested in family history. If I should bring the subject up the answer would usually be, a€œI know Dad, when you were young you milked ten cows before breakfast and walked ten miles to school a€“ in the snow!a€. It wasna€™t that they didna€™t care they were not interested. However, when they married and had children of their own they wanted to know more of the family history so they could pass it on to their children. a€œDad, we dona€™t know anything about your family history, fill us in.a€ Now they were interested. That started me to thinking. I didna€™t know much about my family tree. I would give anything to know more about my parenta€™s background and everyday life when they were growing up, guess I never asked! It occurred to me if I started writing a few facts about myself, in two or three generations future grandchildren would know. People who have read my story have said it has given them the idea to do the same for their children. One of the many reasons for writing Flowers For Cina, is to encourage parents to write about their everyday life.Pictures tell stories of special events, vacations, fun times, sad times; people we know and love. ... We compare our teaching him how to use the computer to him teaching us how to drive a a€œstick shifta€. Many fun times, aggravating times, times we wanted to give up, but in the end, we learned how to drive and dad entered theanbsp;...

Title:Flowers for Cina
Author:Ernest Hedges
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-05-01


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