Flowering Plants. Dicotyledons

Flowering Plants. Dicotyledons

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In the present volume - the sixth of this series - 48 flowering plant families comprising a total of 712 genera are treated. They represent the newly designed eurosid orders Celastrales, Oxalidales and Rosales and the asterid orders Cornales and Ericales. The recognition of these ordinal concepts is the result of numerous recent gene sequence analyses which, for the first time in angiosperm systematics, have provided a reliable higher order classification. The concept of Ericales is largely expanded beyond its conventional limits to make it monophyletic and now includes parts of the erstwhile Ebenales, Lecythidales, Primulales and other orders. The revised circumscription of families such as Ericaceae, Celastraceae and Cunoniaceae owes much to the application of recent molecular studies, and for the same reason in the primulalean families, a complete remodeling of family limits is proposed.... large and showy, prophylls two, or several bracteoles intergrading with calyx and corolla; calyx of five or more sepals, ... in the body of the ray and uniseriate margins of square to upright cells (Metcalfe and Chalk 1952; Liang and Baas 1990, 1991). ... Floral diagram of Stewartia pseudocamel- lia, with Theaceae 463 XLVIII.

Title:Flowering Plants. Dicotyledons
Author:Klaus Kubitzki
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2004-01-19


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