Flow Control

Flow Control

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No be certain it can is not based mathematics. knowledge if upon da Vinci, (Leonardo 1452 1519) the humankind. Thinking is one greatest of Joys of Galilei, (Galileo 1564 1642) Now I think is to be the root all hydrodynamics and is at of physical science, second the to none in its mathematics. present beauty of Thomson (William (Lord Kelvin), 1824 1907) The book contains the lecture notes of of the nine instructors at present eight the short Flow Control: Fundamentals and which held course was Practices, in the week 24 28 June and Carg6se, Corsica, France, during 1996, repeated at the of Notre 9 13 1996. University Dame, Indiana, September Following the week in the course a on same was held. Corsica, 5 day workshop topic Selected from the scheduled to 1998 workshop are papers appear early special volume of the International Journal Heat Thermo of Experimental Transfer, and Fluid All Mechanics. three events were Jean Paul dynamics, organized by Bonnet of Universit6 de Andrew Pollard of Univer Poitiers, France, Queen's at and Mohamed Gad el Hak of the of sity Kingston, Canada, University Notre U.S.A.This book is intended for engineers, physicists, applied mathematicians and graduate students who have an interest in the physics and control of laminar, transitional and turbulent flows.

Title:Flow Control
Author:Mohamed Gad-el-Hak, Andrew Pollard, Jean-Paul Bonnet
Publisher:Springer - 1998-01-19


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