FLIS Procedures Manual - Item Identification

FLIS Procedures Manual - Item Identification

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In the Federal Catalog System, the concept of each item of supply is expressed in, and fixed by, an item identification. The item identification will consist of the minimum data required to establish characteristics of the item. They give the item its character and differentiate it from every other item of supply. Under FLIS, the central data bank maintained by the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) contains a record for each National Item Identification Number (NIIN) known as the FLIS data base. Each item record is further segmented into groups of related data elements normally associated with a given logistics function such as item identification, standardization, freight classification, catalog management data, and others. This provides for modular or building block construction of an item-oriented record. Segments or individual elements are added to the basic record (built as a result of the item identification operation) for the item. The total data for a given item is known as item intelligence. This volume is limited to the item identification operation, i.e., construction of the base record and actions for subsequent maintenance of the item-of-supply concept as situations for adjustment develop. It outlines item of supply concept parameters in accordance with DoD 4100.39-M, FLIS Procedures Manual, (1) Item identifications may originate within any department or agency. Because each expressed characteristic tends to differentiate item identifications, the need arises for determining when different item identifications actually apply to the same item of supply. Each item identification, therefore, must consist of sufficient characteristics to reveal any duplication that may exist. (2) Each item identification will be adequate, in whole or in part, for determination of requirements, procurement, production, distribution, redistribution, maintenance, and disposal of materiel. This is the fourth in a series of 5 volumes.This is the fourth in a series of 5 volumes.

Title:FLIS Procedures Manual - Item Identification
Author:Federal Logistics Information System
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2013-01-18


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