Flight of the Raptor

Flight of the Raptor

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A race against time to stop a supervirus genetically engineered to depopulate the world. A Nobel Prize winning Russian virologist is recruited by Libyan terrorists to engineer a supervirus, the Raptor, to depopulate the planet. So the world's largest pharmaceutical company, Draco Pharmaceuticals, employs an unlikely protagonists to save humanity. Gavin Alexander, a salesman in central Missouri, must overcome an anxiety disorder to stop the terrorists. Dr. Ross Hawks, a Native American research virologist at the company's research headquarters in North Carolina, races against the clock to develop a drug capable of stopping the Raptor virus. And then there's the President of the United States, Henry Knight, who is embroiled in a tough reelection campaign. Will he take decisive steps himself, or will the burden of rescuing humanity fall on the shoulders of Draco's star performers? Find out by reading Flight of the Raptor.... the radio and filed away this information in his memory. It would make for interesting conversation with some of his customers. He left the campus area and headed down Broadway in his company vehicle, a brand new 2008 Dodge Caravan.

Title:Flight of the Raptor
Author:Cord Harper
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-05-01


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