Flight 427

Flight 427

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Boeing's 737 is indisputably the most popular and arguably the safest commercial airliner in the world. But the plane had a lethal flaw, and only after several disastrous crashes and years of painstaking investigation was the mystery of its rudder failure solved. This book tells the story of how engineers and scientists finally uncovered the defect that had been engineered into the plane. One of its novel features is that it portrays the complex interaction of different experts and opposing interests in investigating and solving the mystery of this single crash.In Widefield Park, the engines were buried in the ground beneath the wings to which they had been attached. ... it might suggest that one wing struck the ground first, slewing the other around to a different angle, or that the aircraft hit nose first anbsp;...

Title:Flight 427
Author:Gerry Byrne
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-03-14


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